If you feel you may be offended by nudity, please reconsider visiting our venue. We don’t want you to be upset by such expressions and we ask that you respect our members’ lifestyle choices without judgement too.

The opportunity to socialise without inhibition with like minded people means that you may well be engaged in conversation by other members but remember, the choice is always yours and if they want to take things further and you don’t then, no absolutely means no.

If you feel someone is being overly attentive or makes you feel uncomfortable, please let a staff member know asap and we will attempt to manage the situation without fuss.

Our location is situated in a unique and very discreet venue. The venue is not open to the general public and as such, for the security and integrity of all of members, you are required to complete an application ahead of coming. There is absolutely no admission without an application and there is no guarantee of acceptance.

We ask that you treat other guests with respect and acknowledge their boundaries at all times. Ask politely if you would like to socialise with them and accept it gracefully if someone declines your request.

Our interactions are meant to be sociable and friendly therefore individuals who cause a disruption of any kind may be asked to leave in order to ensure the enjoyment of everyone else. Finally, please read through our Rules and FAQ’s.


Upon entry your vehicle will be parked by our valet in Number Five’s secure parking lot. You may indicate your desire for departure from the premises to any of our staff 10 minutes prior and your vehicle will be fetched and waiting outside. You will be required to present your membership card at the office for validation. Once you have entered the main office area all guests will be given a locker key and two complimentary towels. Ladies have the additional option to rent a robe for a nominal fee of $50.00.

From there you will be directed to the change room/locker area. Where you will store your valuables including at electronic devices before proceeding into the other club areas.

Reminder: No mobile phones or any electronic devices capable of recording audio or video will be allowed past the locker room area. Anyone found in possession of such devices will immediately be asked to leave and membership may be terminated without further notice.

Club rules

We host private events at a non-licensed venue. The parties are not open to the general public and as such, for the security and privacy of all of our members you are required to complete an application process. Membership will only be granted after validation. Application should be made at least 48 hours prior to your first visit and you must be a minimum of 18 years of age to apply for membership and attend the club.

Members have 7 days from approval to attend the club or will be required to re-register. All memberships are renewable on the first of each month.

On your first visit you must bring photo ID that provides both proof of age and the address for each member. A driver’s license has both. If you do not have a driver’s license please bring a passport/ID card and a utility bill, mobile phone bill or bank statement to verify your address. Please note that entry may be refused if you are unable to comply.

Unregistered guests are not permitted to enter the club. If you wish to bring guests, they are required to complete a membership application at least 48hrs prior to visiting and provide acceptable identification. There are varying monthly guest allowances which coincide with different membership packages. The guest cannot be another member of the club. These guests must also complete registration before attending. The Club operates a strict door policy. No person under the age of 18 will be allowed entry into the Club at any time.

Smoking and chewing gum are not allowed within the Club. Removing chewing gum from carpets and furniture is nasty and can be costly. Offenders will be asked to pay the bill!

We understand that you may wish to carry your phone with you, but photography and the recording of audio and/or video is strictly prohibited. We therefore ask that all devices – including but not restricted to mobile phones, cameras, blackberries, tablets, laptops and/or any other equipment capable of audio visual recording are left safely at home, in your car or in a locker, for which a key is available on reception ($10 refundable deposit per key). Breach of this rule may see members’ equipment confiscated and membership may be revoked.

NB: On occasion we may have an official photographer in attendance for publicity shots and to gather social media content. Rest assured they will not photograph you without your permission and no images will be published anywhere without your full consent.

Members are requested to be respectful of our neighbours at all times and keep conversation and noise to an absolute minimum, particularly when arriving and leaving the club or smoking outside of the premises.

Local authorities have an increasingly low tolerance to noise disturbance and offenders deemed to be too loud will be asked to refrain in order to ensure that no censure to the Club may come to pass.

Being a naturist venue, our policy is that our guests disrobe upon entry. Gents have the option to don a towel for an additional fee of TTD$25.00 and ladies have the option to wear a robe for an additional fee of TTD$50.00 which will be used to cover laundering expenses. Robes and towels must be returned upon exit.

From time to time we have theme nights with a suggest dress code and Fetish/Kink events, where we expect Fetish attire and all black as a minimum.

We have a zero tolerance to drugs and reserve the right to search bags and clothing if we suspect this rule has been broken. Please do not bring drugs to our events, or if offered, take them at our events. No member or guest shall use, ingest, possess or distribute drugs while on the Club’s premises and anyone breaking this rule will be expelled without exception.

Members should treat other fellow Members and staff as they would wish to be treated themselves, with respect and acknowledge their boundaries at all times. Ask politely if you would like to join them and accept it gracefully if someone declines your request. Any member who willfully removes, damages or destroys any property belonging to the Club, or to members or staff on the premises will be liable to expulsion.

Members will hold all information about the club in strictest confidence at all times. In particular, the communication of information concerning the Club or its members to the media is not permitted and is a disciplinary offence.

Most areas of the Club remain open to Members at all times but some areas are specifically designated as Private by the Management. Please do not try to force entry to these areas and ask a member of staff if you are unsure.

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